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Thing 2/Part 2

I’ve been exploring other library blogs for a while before the course, and had found there were a lot of library people out there who are willing to share ideas and experiences. Here are a few of my favourites:

The Wikiman A fascinating blog full of information and tips and advice. By Ned Potter an Academic Librarian at the University of York- the founder of the LIS new professionals network. I really like his writing style and the originality of his blog posts.

Screwy Decimal A public librarian who blogs about her day-to-day library thoughts. Genuinely funny and a different perspective for me as I’ve only ever worked in an academic library.

Musings about librarianship A senior Librarian at the university of Singapore. Obviously higher education orientated but with a strong focus on technologies in libraries.

Joeyanne Libraryanne A research Librarian at Birmingham City University. She blogs on a whole range of topics from marketing to networking to mobile technologies.

It’s also been nice to read the blogs from people in the course who are in the same position as me when it comes to blogging, and are also at similar positions in their career. I’d always thought blogs were a place where more experienced people shared their ideas and thoughts when actually, it doesn’t matter where you are in the process, because all ideas are valuable.

Above all, reading other people’s blogs have inspired me, and made me think about other things I would like to write about, as well as aesthetic ideas about how I would like to set out my blog eventually, although this has resulted in information overload, so I’m going to have to pace myself. I’ve liked a few blog comments but at this point was unsure about what comments to put on a blog, other than general encouragement. Probably as the weeks go on and topics get a bit more in depth that’ll change.

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